Hello, my name is Jacob and I am a photography enthusiast. I chose to start a blog about my recent adventure to Israel and England.

Each picture has its own story, when there’s a good picture I have taken, look for it on my blog we can share ideas.


6 comments on “About”

  1. The adorable robot is simply saying ” Please?,” in reference to the key.

    • I never thought about it that way… personifying an inanimate object.

      Yes, my robot always says please and thank you.

  2. Great photos from the Holy Land. I didn’t know that turd’s could speak!

    • Hi thanks for visiting my blog.

      I just got back from camp today, it was great!

      Turds have lots to say, nobody ever asks them.

  3. Repair and Manufacturing

    Clones code computers
    Robots repair runaway raptors
    Humans help hectic harmless horses
    Men munch on macaroons

  4. when are you going to put more pictures on here?

    JOE S

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